Tuesday, February 24, 2009


"The Road To Love"

Have you ever been here before? Of course you have! There sits that castle on the hill with the promise of everlasting bliss, but you hear a warning rumble in the back of your head. Do you go forward or do you tuck your tail between your legs and run like a bunny out of the gate? You just have to trust your instincts at this point.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Listen to the Animals

Do you ever wonder where your mental imagery comes from? Lately I've been featuring animals who seem to be humans in my collages. I never bothered to think much about it (I find it disconcerting to analyze while creating) until I came across a wonderful Etsy website the other day, PaperStreet where I found a great selection of Royalty Free digital files for sale. This image is from a sheet of children's book illustrations. It took me back to my childhood love of reading fairy tales. It dawned on me that kids always know the truth - animals have a language and a world of their own which we would like to think parallels our own. But it doesn't - it's so much more fun and so much scarier than our own. But all those animals in Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass (the Walrus, the Mad Hatter, the Mock Turtle, etc.) totally fascinated me with their peculiar state of certainty in a topsy turvy world.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Some of the best conversations I've ever had were with my dog. And we don't even speak the same language.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Top of the World


When you're a kid, you're on top of the world. Unless of course you have to make your bed, do your homework and take out the garbage. Then you just want to ride off into the sunset on your well-trained Red-breasted Nuthatch as it calls out in a high nasal chirp that recalls the tooting of a tin horn (according to my dog-eared Field Guild to North American Birds), "YANK - YANK - YANK".

Exactly my sentiments when I was reading the morning newspaper about the sad plight of the economy... I got so mad I just wanted to scream "YANK YANK YANK!"

Which reminds me, this lovely study of Nature in all its glory is available for purchase ($25.00) in my online store GRAPHITEGIRL. Please purchase it so I can stop disturbing the neighbors with my bird calls.