Friday, April 25, 2008


I still remember the shock of seeing the first wrinkle (many many years ago). I was sitting in the passenger side of my boyfriend's car, waiting for him to return from an errand. I pretended to adjust the rear view mirror, but really, I was checking my 24-year-old face to be sure it was all there, ready to make any emergency adjustments before my handsome new boyfriend returned. And there it was. MY FIRST WRINKLE, nestled between my my eyebrows. I could never adjust that. How did that happen, I wondered. And I am wondering that every day still, as I look into the mirror, finding new daily surprises. How did that happen???

Monday, April 7, 2008


"Save Me"
10" X 10" Mixed Media on Canvas
$175 plus $10 S/H = $185

Cinnamon donuts, fresh out of the deep fat fryer, sitting on the shelf of the Palm Bakery, the best bakery this side of the Mississippi, OH LORDY SAVE ME!