Saturday, January 31, 2009

Dog Waiting for the Bus in Roswell, New Mexico

Let's face it, if you smoke, you're flawed. At least in today's society. But it could be worse. You could believe in flying saucers and then you'd be crazy.

I thought this would be a good entry for Illustration Friday's theme of the week: "Flawed".

It is available for purchase in my online shop: GRAPHITEGIRL, along with my other collages.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Carry Your Heart-small version


Oh my gosh only twenty-five days until Cupid arrives....are you ready? My thoughts are turning to tales of Love, so here's a little reminder. If you are looking for something to charm your sweetheart, this tiny collage will do the trick. It was inspired by an e e cummings poem that is so moving that I included it in the 11/10/08 posting of this blog. If you recite this lovely poem while handing your love this work of art, I'm quite sure the skies will open and hearts will rain down all around you and who knows what else will happen. To purchase this little gem for a mere $25, visit my shop: GRAPHITEGIRL.

Friday, January 23, 2009


Here are some things you may not know about me, and probably don't care but I'm going to tell you anyway: I used to smoke, but gave it up many years ago. I've never dated a man who owned a white suit. I own a dog, but she doesn't look like this. And I once saw a flying saucer, but I wasn't in Roswell, I was in Iowa. Same thing.

So I'm putting all this terribly fascinating information into a collage. Check back for an update!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

A beautiful ending to a beautiful day. Happy Inauguration Day everyone!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cheerleader with Rhinos

Grisly Detail

I know, I know, you're saying, WHAT is going on here? Can't you see? It's a beefy cheerleader and her motley crew of rhinoseruses. Rhinos. Rhini?

I have NOT lost my mind, I just feel a need to post something, and nothing else is ready to be posted, so here's something from the archives of eBay. Long ago, when I finished my diorama business, I had a lot of left over miniature figures. So I sold them on eBay. And to make them interesting, I would use calendars for backdrops, and then photograph the figures up in front of them. I had so much fun!!

This family of rhinos, complete with lipstick (?) needed a little something else to give the picture some pazazz. I know,...a cheerleader!

This set sold within 2 hours of posting on eBay. It's all in the marketing, eh?

Now back to the drawing board.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Capitol Chihuahua

I've been having the most fascinating dreams lately. Good thing I write them down when I awake, or I would never remember them later. I love my dream journal, just re-reading it now and then is like reading my own personal best seller. It provides me with shocks, laughs, and an occasional inspirational image for a future creation. No wonder I love collage work, it is so similar to the dream state!

If you would like to visit a really good site to interpret your dreams, check out There you will find a bar to type in the symbol or action of your dream, and up pops a fabulous interpretation that will shed light on your current situation. It's tons of fun and great if you are interested in discovering more about your subconscious life.

On the other hand, sometimes it's better to let sleeping dogs lie. Or fly.