Sunday, May 3, 2009



This is an older post, but I thought it worked well with this week's Illustration Friday theme. This little girl looks like she has lots of time on her hands as well as a flamingo in her arms!

Sometimes when I'm working on a collage, it just seems to make itself without any help from me. It's like driving a car with a destination vaguely in mind, when all of a sudden some mysterious force takes control of the steering wheel, and I just sit there with my hands folded in my lap and say, Wow, how did that happen? I was planning on putting a crown on the flamingo (I just adore crowns, I desperately want one for myself) when all of a sudden the scrap of paper that I cut out turned into a basket, and the next thing I remembered was a tiny dragonfly that was waiting on the sidelines. And there you go!